Provision of equipment and tools on long-term construction sites / awareness of security by stakeholders

On construction sites, the management of equipment is a key topic: the intervention of different trades and companies compounds the management of small equipment and personal protective equipment. We imagined a flexible offer, depending on the site, allowing:

  • The provision of personal protective equipment (PPE) and small equipment for all stakeholders, with secure and individualized access (badges)
  • Live tracking of equipment and supplies stocks: no more losses !
  • Broadcast of health, safety and well-being at work information (videos, good gestures and postures, selection of PPE by trade, etc.) on our screens
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« I manage a building site with dozens of stakeholders, I have to make sure that every person who works is well equipped and respects the rules and good security practices »

Joffroy L. work supervisor.

Vending machines for all your needs

Several solutions are available to ensure a tailor-made inventory management. Wether it's for PPE, supplies or electro-portable tools, the Rycklet automatic dispensers serve all your needs.