Ensure the availability of equipment and promote safety, health and well-being at work

« Quite often, the store does not have the equipment I need in stock. I started to store on my side in anticipation, otherwise I can’t work properly »

Nicolas D. Mechanic in the steel industry

In the industrial sector, accidents at work are common. It is necessary that every employee on site can have the right equipment, at any time, and that it is adapted to the task carried out.

distribution industrie
    Services adapted and focused on employee safety :
  • Distributors connected to our application make available personal protection equipment (PPE) and other consumables 24 hours a day, seven days a week
  • Our screens broadcast, via our application, information on risks, good practices, and the precise use of PPEs
  • The digital interface allows companies to communicate with their employees (HR, internal communication ...)
  • Connected lockers allow tool pooling
Vending machines for all your needs

Several solutions are available to ensure a tailor-made inventory management. Wether it's for PPE, supplies or electro-portable tools, the Rycklet automatic dispensers serve all your needs.