pilotage des stocks


Outsource the management of your office supplies and communicate internally.

Connected machines wired to our application
Equipment loan
Employees empowerment
Smart data
gestion des stocks
gestion des stocks 2

Order tracking and traceability

Our application analyzes consumption and delivers recommendations for optimal management of your stocks. It allows to know who orders what, when and to follow the user journey.


User Comfort

From the intuitive and personalized user interface, everyone accesses the monitoring of their consumption and can regulate their supplies orders.

Automatic orders

When an item reaches its availability threshold, the application automatically sends an email to the purchasing manager, to ensure the correct replenishment of the machines.

réduction des coûts

Direct and indirect costs reduction

Grâce au pilotage automatique et à la centralisation des consommables, l’application empêche les pertes et surstocks. Les clients sont libérés de la charge de gestion, en temps et en coûts.

disponibilité du matériel

24 / 7 availability

The RYCKLET application, coupled with dispensing machines, allows a permanent monitored and secured providing of the equipment.

Vending machines for all your needs

Several solutions are available to ensure a tailor-made inventory management. Wether it's for PPE, supplies or electro-portable tools, the Rycklet automatic dispensers serve all your needs.