Outsource the management of your office supplies and communicate internally

" My assistant spends too much time catering to everyone's supply needs, I'd like to outsource the management of our supplies. "

Chantal R. Purchases manager

Autonomous and responsible employees

Managing office supplies and equipment is a time-consuming and low value-added task. There are few ways of monitoring, and consumption is not optimized. In the office floors, the shared equipment (video projectors, camera, binding machine ...) is often nowhere to be found.

distribution tertiaire
  • Thanks to personalized user profiles, everyone can follow and regulate their consumption and easily access products via distributors
  • Connected lockers allow you to store shared supplies and give live information about each object's usage schedule
  • Inventory management is optimized and we propose solutions to adapt consumptions (by services, by stages ...)
Vending machines for all your needs

Several solutions are available to ensure a tailor-made inventory management. Wether it's for PPE, supplies or electro-portable tools, the Rycklet automatic dispensers serve all your needs.