Our communication tools allow you to spread messages and information to improve safety, health, well-being at work and prevention.

communication surveys


Ask one question per month to your employees, they respond when connecting to their user space.

communication mailbox


Each user has an internal mailbox system, your administrators can send messages (HR organization, work medicine, internal communication ...).

communication video

Video banner

You can broadcast video content where the employee selects his products (corporate, gestures and postures, security info, internal building info ...).

communication instructions

Instructions for use

On each product sheet you have the possibility to specify the advice of use.

communication screensaver


You choose the content to broadcast when the screen is in standby (corporate video, general messages ...)

Vending machines for all your needs

Several solutions are available to ensure a tailor-made inventory management. Wether it's for PPE, supplies or electro-portable tools, the Rycklet automatic dispensers serve all your needs.